Toughest on muscular pain

Myopraktikk is steadily gaining terrain as a very specific and in depth “crossing” of the musculature, fascia, and structures in the body which are all connected to each another. The immediate effect quite a few experiences makes this basically a one time treatment and one should be able to proceed with normal activity within a short while. To understand and include the total muscle chain and to connect a vast part of the anatomy provides unforeseen possibilities.

Sports treatment for Norwegian-, Europe-, and World champions

Quite a few athletes from all levels consult the Myoprakto as the in depth and partly tough treatment provides a short restitution and prevents deviation from planned practice and progression. Both myosis, muscle tension, and excessive exercise are causes which may mean extended absence from practice and competition and may potentially lead to vast consequences for the athlete.

Myopaktikk – for everybody who depends on the body to perform


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